Saturday 13 August

Assailed, as we are on a daily basis, by news of deepening crises in the water and energy industries, in the NHS and cost of living, which put further downward pressure on our mental wellbeing, it surely beggars belief that we are expected to tolerate for weeks on end a ‘zombie government’ (in the wordsContinue reading “Saturday 13 August”

Sunday 31 July

Our politics this last week has been even less of an edifying spectacle than usual, with (Boris Johnson is said to have connived at this weeks ago) the two Conservative Party leadership candidates fighting like ferrets in a sack, only equalled, it seems, by their supporters and some in Whitehall briefing madly against one orContinue reading “Sunday 31 July”

Saturday 23 July

So the would-be ‘king of the world’ has finally gone, deposed by those who supported him for so long for fear of losing their own seats…. but not so fast. It already appears that some commentators like Simon Jenkins could be right about this being too easy an assumption: during the deluded and unreal leadershipContinue reading “Saturday 23 July”

Sunday 10 July

Previous references in this blog to tumultuous and febrile times had nothing on what’s unfolded during the last week but the cumulative pile-on of the last few months would have caused many of us to feel that this was a defenestration waiting to happen. How the mighty have fallen – Boris Johnson, the would-be ‘kingContinue reading “Sunday 10 July”